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Reviews from Past Participants

Want to hear from past participants who have taken domestic violence classes?

"When the Judge ordered me to take these classes I felt like it was the end of the world. I wasn’t sure if I’d even take it, or if I did; could I finish. I surely didn’t want to go back to jail so I decided to just enroll and complete it. After about the 4th class I became aware of my faults and wrongs and really began to pay attention to what the instructor was saying. It all made sense now. Week by week I was looking forward to logging on to watch the video because there was so much important information that was given that I need to succeed in life and be better for my kids.
These courses have changed me in so many ways. I learned not to be angry which I think is the biggest win for me. I no longer have a hatred for anything and that is such a relief on my soul. I learned not to be selfish and how to look out for others and give the love I know others need. I've learned how to communicate with others, I've learned how to think before I react and most importantly, I've learned how to love. My life has completely changed from all this and today, I am very proud to say this.
reviews domestic violence classes
"This class was a tremendous help! It helped me truly notice the areas of my life I needed to improve. This class has helped me become a better man, son, father, friend,etc. My relationship with my son has become stronger and my walk with God has increased. Since starting the class I've become a youth leader at my church and I'm continuing my college degree to have a bachelor's in criminal justice as well working with youth at risk for gangs and drugs. I highly recommend this course and the instructor was great! I feel confident I will never re-offend because Transformations did just that, it transformed me from someone I did not want to be into someone I am 100% proud of! Thank you for everything and thank you for your dedication to this course!
reviews domestic violence classes
The name Transformations says it all for me personally. That is exactly what has happened in my life over that past 52 weeks. My mind has been renewed, filled with new knowledge of how behave/act. I think so differently and as a result of these classes, my heart has been transformed. Today, I understand the choices before me. I can, and I will, choose those choices that lead to the consequences that I desire for my life and ultimately for those around me.
reviews domestic violence classes
From the time I started this course up until now; not only myself, but my friends and family has noticed a big change. They notice that I am more calm, and that things rarely upset me. I’m slower to respond to an altercation and quicker to try and resolve a problem. Nowadays I often think about the consequences for my actions if I decide to act on a situation. I value my life, my sobriety, my children, and most of all my freedom. Those are all priorities in my life that I will never again give up.
reviews domestic violence classes
I was making excuses for why my marriage was unhealthy. I blamed our emotionally abusive marriage on common problems, money, bills and everyday stress. I hadn’t really looked myself in the mirror at this point. Over the course of the last 12 months, I am able to see a change in my life for the better. I am proud of myself, I have overcome adversity and improved my heart and mind. I care about right from wrong. I think about the possible consequences for my choices and how it can effect everything in and around my world. I have quit smoking, lost 50 lbs, and with the help of this intervention program, I have developed a better relationship with my children and my current relationships in life, personal and business. It has completely changed my life.
reviews domestic violence classes

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