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Domestic Violence Classes

Domestic violence classes from home

Receive the first 4 domestic violence classes free & same-day free enrollment.


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Domestic violence class Instructor

Class Instructor


Deborah Farber is a Professional Counselor and has taught Domestic Violence Classes for 6 years. She has over 15 years of experience working with families.


Domestic violence classes



How much do Domestic Violence Classes Cost?

Do you need to know how much do domestic violence classes cost? Complete domestic violence classes online from home. In addition, discover the cost of domestic violence classes:

  • *First 4 Classes Free *
  • *Pay Nothing Until Week 5*
  • *Same Day Proof of Enrollment
  • *60 Day $ Back Guarantee *
  • *Each Class is $21 starting with Class 5*
  • *No long Boring Lectures
  • *Classes Available Online 24/7

*First 4 classes free with minumum program of 16 classes or more

How to Enroll in Domestic Violence Classes

First, get enrolled in online domestic violence classes by clicking on the Enroll Now button above. Also, it is best to check with your Probation Officer or attorney to verify distance learning is accepted in your situation. You might be required to go to a domestic violence program that is in person. Be sure to enroll quickly. Also, you may be ordered to do jail time if you fail to complete your classes. Finally, please note anger management classes are different than domestic violence classes.

Lastly, are you still not sure if these classes are right for you? Read Reviews from Past Participants to see reviews from people who have completed these classes..

Finally, if you are in an abusive relationship, please reach out to the domestic violence hotline or call 911 for emergency assistance. In addition, you may also dial 211 for additional resources and domestic violence intervention

Our DV Classes are done from home and are 100% online. The enrollment is free and the first 4 classes are free with our minimum program. No payment is due until week 5. Each class starting with class 5 is $21 per class. Typically, you will complete one class per week. You can complete the class online anytime day or night. 

Classes can also be done on any device with internet:

  • Desktop computers
  •  Laptop computers
  •  Tablets
  •  Smart phones

Got Questions About DV Classes Online?

Domestic violence classes class description
Got Questions? Click on the video above.

Class Format

Learn about the class format for our online domestic violence classes. Our classes are a simple, practical way to complete your requirements. In addition, if you are approved to do your course online, you can access them 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For instance, complete your classes on the weekend. In addition, you can complete classes in the middle of the night. Similarly, the classes allow you to get started with no money upfront. Also, enroll for free the same day. Therefore, you pay nothing to get started and complete classes for free until week 5.

Complete your classes online from the comfort of your home. In addition, do the classes anytime day or night. Finish one class per week. Lastly, when you complete your domestic abuse classes, complete the exact number you need. For example, we have between 16 and 52 classes. Thus, if you need 26 classes you will just complete the first 26. Similarly, if you need 36 classes you will just complete 36 classes. Also, classes are easily accessible from many devices.

Finally, you will receive a certificate of completion when you finish your classes. However, please be sure to verify online classes will be accepted in your situation. In addition, some areas require in-person live group sessions. In conclusion, get enrolled today by just clicking Enroll Now to get started! Lastly, be sure to check with whoever is over your situation before proceeding.


Online Domestic Violence Class Near Me

Finally, taking an online dv class can save you from needing to take time off of work. Lastly, classes can be completed anytime day or night. In addition, there are no transportation costs. Thus, save additional travel time as well as time off of work. Above all, classes are easily accessible and flexible. Lastly, find out how much do domestic violence classes cost?

Domestic Violence Classes Free Online

Learn how to get domestic violence classes online free. 

First 4 classes are free* with our minimum program of 16 classes or more. Most situations require 26 or 52 classes.

Classes are $21.00 per class starting with Class 5. 

Online Domestic Violence Courses are available Nationwide. Thus, do classes throughout the United States from New York to Florida, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona and Texas!  

Sign up now for our minimum program of 16 classes up to 52-week domestic violence classes. However, each situation is different. In addition, check with your attorney or probation officer if you are unsure. Therefore, you will just complete the number of classes needed in your situation.

Complete your Domestic Violence Classes with Transformations LLC. Do the Domestic abuse classes that can help you make a step in the right direction. In addition, you will pay Nothing until week 5! Therefore, if you are short on cash you may still enroll and begin your classes.

Also, we have a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, if online classes are not accepted in your situation, we have a 60-day guarantee. In addition, some cases require DV classes to be done in person. However, our classes are educational in nature and are not therapy or counseling. In addition, classes are nationwide and are not certified in any specific state. Finally, if you are needing “state-certified” classes, please call the courthouse in your local area. Also, classes may be called batterers intervention class, DVRP, spousal abuse, or family violence class.

*First 4 classes free with completion of 16 class minimum.

Contact Us

Contact Us for more information:

Address: 1801 NE 123rd St STE 314 Miami, FL 33181

phone: (539) 777-0753


In addition, please note the above address is the administrative office. However, you cannot enroll in classes at the admin office. Therefore, you must click on Enroll Now above to fill out the enrollment forms to get started. Lastly, email us if you have any questions!

Hours of Operation:

Monday: Online 24/7

Tuesday: Online 24/7

Wednesday: Online 24/7

Thursday: Online 24/7

Friday: Online 24/7

Saturday: Online 24/7

Sunday: Online 24/7

How much do domestic violence classes cost?

In addition, discover how much domestic violence classes cost. Watch the Video below.

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Online DV Classes Near Me:

Also, be sure to check with whoever is over your situation to verify if online classes are permitted in your city and state. In addition, contact whoever instructed you to take classes such as probation, your attorney, or the court to find our your requirements. Also, each case is different. Therefore, check to find your number of required classes. Lastly, be sure to verify any absence guidelines. Finally, check out our FAQ page for more information.