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Batterer's Intervention/Domestic Violence Or Anger Management Classes Online

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Complete your court-ordered Anger Management or Batterer's Intervention Program with Transformations Online, the domestic abuse counseling professionals who can help you make a step in the right direction – for both you and your family. These courses are ideal for court requirements. Pay nothing until week 5!*

What to Expect?

Our classes are based entirely online and taught in a practical, efficient format that can lead to a healthy, fulfilled life! Read our frequently asked questions for details on what to expect during your Anger Management or online domestic violence classes, and how to handle all necessary court-ordered documentation.
Classes are taught by a Licensed Professional Counselor
Ready to Get Started? To help improve life for you and your family, get started with our ONLINE Anger Management or Batterer's Intervention Program by completing our intake form. 
  • You pay nothing until week 5!* Each class starting with session 5 is 21.00 per session.

Who We Are

Transformations Online offers in-depth, court-ordered online domestic violence classes and online batterer’s intervention classes Or anger management classes to clients around the nation from New York to Orlando.  Online domestic violence classes must be approved in your area. Sign up now for 16 to 52 week online domestic violence classes. Online classes domestic violence classes are not permitted in Oklahoma.

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Ready to Get Started?
To improve life for you and your family, get started with our online Batterer's Intervention Program or Anger Management class by completing our intake form.

Your first four classes are free - You pay nothing until week 5!* 
*Our minimum program is 16 sessions, each state determines number of required sessions

What are People Saying About Transformations Online?

Exit Speech 
"When the Judge ordered me to take these classes I felt like it was the end of the world. I wasn’t sure if I’d even take it, or if I did; could I finish. I surely didn’t want to go back to jail so I decided to just enroll and complete it. I figured if I was paying I might as well get my money’s worth. At first I had the attitude of not willing to except what I did was wrong. I felt like I was the victim as well, but as I continued to do week after week of these domestic violence classes I began to realize I probably did play the biggest role and I had to take responsibility of my actions. After about the 4th class I became aware of my faults and wrongs and really began to pay attention to what the instructor was saying. It all made sense now. Week by week I was looking forward to logging on to watch the video because there was so much important information that was given that I need to succeed in life and be better for my kids. I learned so much to take with me. I now know that if I am in the process of arguments or engaging in a physical altercation that I need to give myself the 5 seconds and remove myself. I learned how to pass up conflict, ignore people, and make smart decisions. I have learned that I can not change the past, but I can definitely have control over my future. Being a great listener came from practicing, and taking notes from this program. I have changed a lot since starting this program. Being supportive to my children and understanding to others around me to whom I deal with on a day to day basis. I have changed the way I look at life and look at the law. My attitude has changed for the better. Regardless of the way people may act or feel towards me I still see people as human beings that deserve respect and if we can not come to terms then to wish them well and go my own way. From the time I started this course up until now; not only myself, but my friends and family has noticed a big change. They notice that I am more calm, and that things rarely upset me and make me snap. I’m slower to respond to an altercation and quicker to try and resolve a problem. Nowadays I often think about the consequences for my actions if I decide to act on a situation. I value my life, my sobriety, my children, and most of all my freedom. Those are all priorities in my life that I will never again give up. You too will feel this way if you put your all into this program. Let it work for you. It’s in your best interest to take heed, listen, and understand that this program is only to help you mature and deal with things differently. You are worth it. Don’t give up. I had the same attitude first starting out, but now I feel so refreshed and ready to get on with life. This is only temporary. This too shall pass. Be thankful the help is out there to help a person better their self. Make amends with those who you hurt, that’s the first step to recovery. Be all you can. Taking this course will help you with that. Once you have finished like me, I hope your story that you tell to others are as successful as mines. Don’t let this go to waste. Good Luck! You can do it."

Exit Speech:
 My first Impression to attend domestic violence classes because it was court order I was mad because I have to pay for my classes and learn from my mistake had done and I hated it in the begging. I learn that you can't hit people or lay hands that's against the law domestic violence its a serious issue. since I started this classes my life change big time because it taught me a lot of techniques to better handle situations instead going back to jail for another charge. Now I see things different before now I can handle any situation that comes my way in life and it open my eyes big time. I see life differently because I learn how to keep my self calm when I get mad a certain situation that comes my way. Some people see me differently because people don't see me getting mad quickly they see me more calmer. As I will tell the new comers to the program would be this program changed my life and there is better ways to handle situations and if you have a toxic relationship leave cause its not worth going back to jail or loosing the ones you love because of Anger and violence there always a better way to hand situation if you put your effort and responsibility in it and man up to your problems and change your situation so you wont end up in jail for hitting someone you love and paying court cause and fines.

Exit Speech:
The name Transformations says it all for me personally. That is exactly what has happened in my life over that past 52 weeks. My mind has been renewed, filled with new knowledge of how behave/act. I think so differently and as a result, my heart has been transformed. Today, I understand the choices before me. I can, and I will, choose those choices that lead to the consequences that I desire for my life and ultimately for those around me. I fully understand and take responsibility for my past actions and take responsibility with the same fervor for my future. This has been a growing experience for personally and I can take my past experience to help/benefit others in the present and future. I will end with a grateful "Thank you!" for this class.

Exit Speech:
"This class was a tremendous help! It helped me truly notice the areas of my life I needed to improve. This class has helped me become a better man, son, father, friend,etc. My relationship with my son has become stronger and my walk with God has increased. Since starting the class I've become a youth leader at my church and I'm continuing my college degree to have a bachelor's in criminal justice as well working with youth at risk for gangs and drugs. I highly recommend this course and the instructor was great! I feel confident I will never re-offend because Transformations did just that, it transformed me from someone I did not want to be into someone I am 100% proud of! Thank you for everything and thank you for your dedication to this course!

Exit Speech:
First and foremost I want to thank you for changing my life with these classes. I am so thankful for this. My first impression was nerves and being afraid. I didn't know what to expect when I got told I had to do them. It opened my eyes right away on the situation I was in and how serious it was that I laid my hands on a woman. I knew it was going to be a long road but I wasn't going to back down from the challenge. Now that I look at it I would say it was a life lesson and that I am proud of who I have become as a result of all that has happened. I learned not to be angry which I think is the biggest win for me. I no longer have a hatred for anything and that is such a relief on my soul. I learned not to be selfish and how to look out for others and give the love I know others need. These courses have changed me in so many ways. I've learned how to communicate with others, I've learned how to think before I react and most importantly, I've learned how to love. My life has completely changed from all this and today, I am very proud to say this. The number one thing that has changed with me is my heart, the sincerity I have when I hear stories about domestic violence and the changes I want to help make with others. I would like to get involved more and help people and show them right from wrong. This class helped me grow up and understand life. It has helped me find who I am as a person and what I will grow towards for the better. I do see people differently. I have a greater understanding on not judging others because you never know what they are going through. I have an open mind now with a heart that will listen to anyone and help anyone. My life has made a positive turn and I now look forward to my future. I know the qualities of a healthy relationship and what it means to truly love. I am able to recognize the difference between obsessive behavior and healthy relationships. I see the purpose that I feel I have and what to give to make other people happy and get through their battles. Being kind has no bad effects. I've learned how to not be so argumentative and to not take things offensively. One of my favorite techniques was the paraphrasing lesson. I've been using that lately and it's really had positive results so far. I know that giving love and being a supportive person has no bad effects but the opposite is a downward spiral to living in hell. My brother, mom, and cousin have all told me that I've grown up and that I am doing things right in life and how proud they are of me. That makes me feel good because I never heard that and when I finally did it made my heart smile. I honestly was about to cry. I don't want to struggle and I don't want to see anyone else struggle even more so. What I would say to the new guy is to to really pay attention and to take this seriously. I went into it with an attitude of bettering myself and not with the attitude that this was something I had to do. I would tell them to watch the change this brings to their life and tell them it's for the better. I want them to know it might seem like a long never ending process but it is worth it every step. It took me from a boy to a man and I want them to know it can do the same for them. Don't make anymore bad decisions and watch how better your life becomes when you focus and work hard. Be grateful for what you have and find your happiness. I know I have. 
I 100% feel better that I take responsibility now then before. A year ago I was selfish. I only cared about me. I thought the world revolved around me. I always wanted to be alone but I expected everything to be done for me. This class has taught me how to be a man and how to overlook things before they take place. Getting sent here was the scariest thing of my life. Being arrested was the scariest thing in my life. I was afraid because I know I am better then the choices I made a year ago. I always stay away from drama now and dont let myself get into bad situations. I never made grown man decisions a year ago. I just wanted to party and have fun. Now my main focus is work and starting college. 

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