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3 Things You Must Know Before Enrolling in a Domestic Violence Class

What you need to know before you enroll in domestic violence classes

1.You have choices. Depending on which area of the country you live in you there will usually be multiple places you can chose to complete your classes. The number of classes will be decided by the state you live in and the Judge on your case. Fees vary greatly depending on how and where you choose to complete your classes. Most areas in the United States will also allow you to complete your classes on online. See www.onlinedomesticviolenceclasses.com for more information about the costs of court ordered domestic violence classes.

2.You need to get enrolled quickly. In most cases, there is a very short window of time for you to get enrolled in domestic violence classes once you are court ordered. In many states you only have 14 days to get enrolled and be able to show proof of enrollment. It is best to read your court paperwork carefully and get familiar with the requirements.

3.You need to complete your classes. Most areas will have a maximum number of absences that you are allowed to have. For example, in California you will likely be court ordered to completed 52 sessions and cannot have more than 3 absences. If you exceed the number of absences allowed this will usually accelerate your probation and jail time is often mandated. The best thing to do if you do get too many absences is contact your attorney, public defender, or probation officer to notify them. Do not ignore the issue or hide from the consequences. Most court personnel are more likely to work with you if you approach them versus just waiting for them to catch you.

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