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Before You Say I Do 

3 Things You Must Know Before You Get Married

Did you know most people spend much more time preparing for their driver’s license than they do preparing for a life-long marriage ?

There are 4 things you must do before you even consider saying I do:

1. Complete a marriage class together. If nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, it’s worth your time to put some effort in to ensure you are not one of them! Couples who complete marriage counseling are statistically much more likely to stay married. The numbers vary but you are about 1/3 less likely to get divorced if you put some work in and complete couple’s counseling or a marriage course together.
2. Consider how divorce could impact your children . It’s worth your time to put in the effort to lay a strong foundation before you move forward. Children from divorced families are much more likely to go to jail, much more likely to use drugs and alcohol, less likely to graduate from high school, and 5 times more likely to live in poverty*. Your decision to complete a pre-marital or couple’s marriage course can greatly affect not just your life but can dramatic alter the course the lives of any future children you may have.
3. Evaluate your level of commitment to the relationship . It is much easier to prevent marital problems than to play clean-up if things turn into a train wreck. A great marriage course can teach you things you never learned in school such as: healthy conflict resolution skills, personality differences/strengths/weaknesses, expectations, budgeting/finances, romance, gender differences, parenting, next-level communication, and much more!
4. Complete personalize professional marriage counseling to deal with your specific issues . Click here to get started.

Magical Marriage in 21 Days is an absolutely life-changing marriage course that is only 25.00 and will set your marriage on a firm foundation. The course will give you the skills you needs to work through any topic that comes your way in the future!

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