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Can I Take Domestic Violence Classes Online?

Benefits and Drawbacks of Taking Domestic Violence Classes Online

Are You Wondering Can I Take Domestic Violence Classes Online?
If you have been court ordered to complete domestic violence classes for a domestic assault charge, you may have choices on how to complete the classes.
Many states will now allow participants to complete the required classes online especially since the start of Covid-19. There are still areas in the United States that require you to attend court-ordered domestic violence classes in person in a group setting. It’s best to check with those who are over your case to verify whether classes can be completed online in your situation. If you do chose to complete the classes online, there are some advantages to completing them in person. By completing the classes online you will not have to take off of work in order to attend on a set schedule or allow for travel time to and from the class. This also saves participants on gas and parking fees.
There are benefits to choosing to attend the classes in person as well. By attending the classes in person you will likely have the opportunity to meet other participants who are going through many of the same things you are currently going through. This gives you the opportunity to build relationships and receive support from other participants.
How Much Do Domestic Violence Classes Cost? If you chose to attend in person the class fees typically range from 25.00-50.00 per weekly session depending on the area of the country you live in and the agency where you choose to attend. You will often be required to pay an enrollment fee upfront ranging from 70-160.00 if you attend classes in person.
Many participants ask if their is financial assistance to help pay the class fees. In most cases the class fee is considered part of the ‘accountability aspect’ and serves as a reminder to participants not to repeat the crime.
If you chose to complete the classes online, there are programs that offer your first 4 classes free and that waive the enrollment fee. See for more informations about the fees associated with online domestic violence classes.
For more information google your city and state or call the court house, your attorney, or your probation department for clarification. As time goes on more and more states are accepting online classes as standards change over time.

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can I take domestic violence classes online