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Cost of Bail for Domestic Violence

will I go to jail

Are you wondering what is the cost of bail for domestic violence? Getting a domestic violence charge can be a scary, confusing event. Navigating the court system can be overwhelming. It can feel like trying to learn a foreign language.

cost of bail for domestic violence

First, you must figure out how to get bail money. Second, you need to find someone willing to put up bail money. Then they will usually need to put something up as collaterol. This can any asset the bail bonds agency will accept. They may lose this asset if you do not show up for court. For domestic violence charges, the amount of bail you need can vary.

Read on to find out more on the cost of bail for domestic violence charges.

What is domestic violence?

First, let’s take a look at what domestic violence is.

Most people think domestic violence is just physical violence. However, it can come in many different forms.

There are also a lot of related charges such as stalking, harassment, and protective orders.

Let’s take a closer look at some of them.


This is one you hear about the most. It can be pushing, shoving, choking, or other violent acts. However, it can also be threatening physical harm. In addition, keeping someone from calling for help can be another charge.


This type of abuse can come in many forms. It can include terriorizeing someone or withholding things like medicine. It can also be things like harassing or humiliating another person.

Emotional abuse can be very damaging and have long-term impacts.


Sexual abuse can be physical or verbal. It can be forcing or coercing someone to have sex. Threatening a person if they do not have sex is another form of sexual abuse. Making unwanted sexual advances is also sexual abuse.

Sex acts must always be mutually agreed upon by both people.


Economic abuse refers to using money to control another person. Also, withholding money or even keeping them from going to work is economic abuse. In addition denying them access to their own money is another form of economic abuse.

Using money as control is a common tactic used by abusers to keep victims from leaving.

Real cost of Bail for Domestic Violence

There is usally jail time required for domestic violence. This gives time for your arraignment and bail to be set.

The answer to this question can vary greatly. First the amount of bail can vary based on the charge. In addition, the amount of bail can be affected by whether it is a first offense.

For a misdemeanor domestic assault charge the amount to bond out will likely be about $500 to $1000.

However, the amount can be much higher for second offenses. In addition, the extent of the violence can increase the amount. Lastly, sexual abuse or severe injury may not even have the option to bond out.

Factors affecting the cost of bail for Domestic Violence

There are different kinds of domestic violence charges. The requirements and punishments vary greatly by state. Nearly all state will require jail time and completion of domestic violence classes.

Misdemeanor Cost of bail for domestic violence

The domestic violence charge can be counted as a misdemeanor. However, this is usually only if it a first offense. You will usually do some jail time, community service, and have to take domestic violence classes. Go to to receive free enrollment and the first 4 classes free.

In addition, you will likely have many court fees to pay as well. However, the fees vary by state.


Your domestic violence change can be counted as a felony. Each state has different rules. You can get a felony if it is a second offense, a violent sex act, for choking and/or for great bodily harm.

What Do I Do After I Post Bail?

You should be released from jail once bail is posted. Getting domestic violence charges after a domestic violence incident is common.

First, find an attorney or request a public defender. Also be sure to check with others to find an attorney with a good track record.

Lastly, do not reach out to the victim in your case. Contact other friends and family instead. In addition, do not go back to your house. However, you can call the police for an escort if you need to get your things.

Overall, we hope this blog post helped you learn more about the cost of bail for a domestic violence related charge.

Enroll in Domestic Violence Classes

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Lastly, learn more about domestic violence Domestic Violence Information.

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