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Do Domestic Violence Classes Work?

do domestic violence classes work
do domestic violence classes work

Wondering do domestic violence classes work? Many people ask whether domestic violence classes are helpful. If you are currently in a relationship where there has been domestic violence you know the situation way better than anyone you talk to. However, it can be very helpful to talk to other people who can see a different perspective than you can. If four people are sitting in the exact same room, they will all be able to see different angles and perspectives of the same room.

In many cases, the best thing you can do is separate. Unfortunately, separation or breaking up can be the most dangerous time in a violent relationship. Thus it is critical to listen to your instincts and to surround yourself with a support system. Domestic violence shelters allow you to do several things. You can get time away from the chaos, come up with a game plan, and develop a support system. They can even assist you with finding employment, transportation, childcare, medical care, court proceedings, and housing.

Have you committed domestic violence?

If you have committed domestic violence and are wondering do domestic violence classes work, we can help. You will get a huge range of answers to that question. Primarily because there a lot of factors that significantly effect the outcome. First, the participant’s attitude going into the classes can vary widely. If you are humble and eager to learn, you are going to learn a lot more and be more open to change. Second, the specific domestic violence program you enroll in varies greatly.

There are some programs that have been shown to have little to no effect or even to make the domestic violence situation worse. If you feel you are in such a program it may be an option to request a change in location from the courts. Other programs have been shown to be highly effective over time. The only good thing about domestic violence is that it tends to be learned behavior-which means it can be unlearned!

We all have weaknesses. We all have things to work on. None of us are perfect and none of us will ever be perfect. We are all fallible humans. But domestic violence is not a weakness. Domestic violence is a crime. You cannot put your hands on another person or you are violating their rights. They are the same right you have. We all have the basic human right to be safe. Statistics show, without intervention, domestic violence tends to get worse before it gets better. It may start as a finger poke in the chest. But this tells you the person’s brain is currently wired to get what they want in life by using physical and emotional intimidation. As the desire to get what they want increases, the level of violence tends to increase over time as well.

Does everyone commit domestic violence?

Everyone’s partner tend to drive them crazy sometimes– they do the opposite of what we asked them to, they refuses to listen, and even act ‘stupid” at times. But not everyone hits or intimidates their partner. Domestic violence is a choice and it is a crime. You can learn how to handle life differently. When we handle daily life, we tend to fall back on our Default–which is just whatever we saw growing up.

Sometimes this default is full of really unhealthy answers for how to handle life. If everything you have to draw from in your barrel of answers is negative, it is time to learn some new techniques. A well constructed domestic violence program taught by a positive passionate instructor can be very helpful in facilitating change if you desire to openly and honestly work on your issues. Change your life take a domestic violence class. Visit for more information or FAQ page.

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