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Domestic Violence Classes FAQ

Read our FAQ about Domestic Violence Classes

  1. Are there any hidden fees? Nope! You will have no payment due until your 5th class. Your enrollment is free and your first 4 classes are free with completion of the 16 class minimum. There are no enrollment fees. ENROLL NOW
    2. Will these classes be accepted in my area? Each area is different. We cannot tell you if online DV classes are accepted in your area or in your specific situation so it is best to ask your attorney, probation/parole, or court affliate if applicable. Our classes are educational in nature they are not counseling or therapy. Classes are practical and were created by a Professional Counselor. We cannot guarantee your area will allow you to complete the classes online however, we have a 60 day money back guarantee. Thus, if the class is not accepted just submit a request and we will refund any fees paid within 60 days of enrollment!
    3. How much do domestic violence classes cost? Your first 4 classes are free and each class after that is 21.00. If you are only needing individual classes, (less than 16 the classes) then classes can be purchased individually.
    4. When are the classes? You may complete your weekly class anytime day or night 24/7 but we must receive the class by Sunday night each week. However, it is Your Responsiblity to follow any absence requirements in your case. 
    5. Do you offer classes for victims of domestic violence? No. Our classes are only for domestic violence offenders. Thus, if you are a victim of domestic violence please visit

More Domestic Violence Classes FAQ

6. What are the classes like?Our classes are NOT long boring lectures! The classes are divided into 3 parts and are designed to be engaging and user friendly. Each session has a video portion, reading portion, and quiz section that allows you to apply the class to your life. The classes are educational in nature and are not therapy or counseling. ENROLL NOW

7. How many sessions do I have to take? We offer up to 52 classes. However, each situation is different and the answer will be specific to your situation. Thus, if you are unsure, you can ask your probation/attorney, call a local program and ask how many sessions are required in your area, or check paperwork. Our minimum number of sessions to qualify for the 4 free sessions is 16 sessions. You may complete less than 16 classes but the classes will need to be purchased individually.

8. Will the courts allow me to take my  domestic violence class online ? Each area is different and requirements vary. Please feel free to print our Class Description that explains our program in detail. If for any reason your case requirements do not allow you to continue to complete your classes online then you may request a full refund of any fees you paid within the first 60 days. Some states require prior approval for classes to be completed online & other states require classes to be completed in person. Also, Oklahoma & Washington do not accept online DV classes and California requires prior approval. In addition, please Check on your requirements prior to enrollment.)

Domestic Violence Classes FAQ
Domestic Violence classes FAQ