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Get Your Partner to Finally Listen to You

6 Must Do’s to Get Your Partner to Start Listening to You

Magical Ways to Get Your Partner to Finally Listen to You!

Does it feel like your partner has shut down or quit listening to you?
Check out 6 sure-fire ways to reverse the trend:

#1 Listen to yourself. What is coming out of your mouth? Would YOU want to listen to you? Try this test.
Record yourself. Would you want to turn it off or hear more?

#2. Talk about everything you Love about your partner and everything they are doing RIGHT. They WANT you to be happy!
If making you happy starts to seem impossible, they may have just quit trying.

#3. Refuse to nag your partner. You are not their Mom or Dad. Ask them once and only once.

#4. Remove Unsolicited advice from your conversation. The fascinating ironic thing is–once you quit giving them advice, they will often start seeking out your advice.

#5. Acknowledge what your partner says BEFORE you add your thoughts. Just paraphrase back what you heard so they know you are interested and listening. Example: You: “Seriously? Your boss gave the promotion to Bill?”

#6. Reflect back. When you were dating your partner mostly likely hung on your every word.
What are you doing differently? Complaining non-stop? Making fun of them? Pointing out their weaknesses?

Take the Challenge! Do all 6 for two weeks and you might be surprised!

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