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How to make long distance relationships work

Is it possible to make a long distance relationship work?

How to make long distance relationships work:

1. Keep it fun! Life gets stressful so be the highlight of your partner’s day. Nobody gets mail anymore with all of the modern technology in use today. Send them real mail and even a care package!

2. Have realistic expectations. One of the most important things is to have realistic expectations and to openly discuss those expectations. We all have basic human needs. If your love language is touch and your partner’s love language is quality time, you will have different challenges that have to be worked through. While you are in a dating phase, are you okay with your partner seeing other people and going on dates? If you discovered they were doing so would you break up with them? These are important things to openly discuss and be on the same page about.

3. Keep the relationship moving forward. It can quickly go stale if your phone calls are limited to “how was your day?” There are a lot of fun online quizzes you can do as a couple that promote topics of discussion, keep the conversation exciting, help you get to know your partner, and continue to deepen the roots of the relationship.

4. If the relationship continues to progress make sure you take a marriage prep course before even considering marriage. This can not only strengthen your relationship, it can also help you decide if you are compatible with your long-distance partner. Check out the pre-marital course “21 Days to a Magical Marriage” at It will help you learn about different personality typers, strengthen the love you have, learn practical conflict resolution skills, discover effective communication tools, see how gender differences affect the relationship, gain an understanding of how your partner views romance, discover effective parenting tools, and learn how to love your partner in unique ways they can really hear!

  • One of the major drawbacks to a long-distance relationship is the opportunity to put up a lot of fronts. Most people can be super-human and get along with others for a week! However, when you are only privy to a glimpse of someone’s life coping skills it can be easy to idealize your long-distance partner and to assume they are that way all year long. Taking a pre-marital class pushes you past initial attraction and brings up discussion topics most couples never think to discuss.

The other drawback is you may only see your partner inside a bubble. During long-distance visits you may not get to view your partner in their true-life element of their friends, family, and life style. The way they deal with conflict can make or break the relationship and it is a challenge to see this if you are only together for short periods of time. On average 1 in 4 relationships will deal with domestic violence so before getting married, it is important to eventually live in the same city so you will have a chance to do life together and face life tests.

Long-distance relationships are a unique way to date but you can make it work if it is truly meant to be!

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