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How Do You Know When Your Relationship is Over?

7 Signs Your Relationship is Over

Marriage in Trouble

How do you know when your relationship is over? Wondering if it is time to call it quits and you are past the point of no return? See which ones below describe your current relationship:

1. You cry more often then you laugh.

2. Friends and relatives are all saying to get out of the relationship.

3. It feels like you are on a wild roller coaster ride of emotions.

4. You feel stressed out. You are having trouble concentrating. It’s hard to fall asleep or you fall asleep exhausted.

5. You feel emotionally drained. At some point when we have been on an emotional roller coaster for a long period of time, we tend to “check out”. It begins to feel like no matter what we do, it won’t change anything. Hopelessness sets in. Most marriage counselors will tell you it’s easier to counsel a couple who is arguing than a couple who is exhausted and has checked out.

6. You feel don’t physically or emotionally safe in the relationship. Domestic violence is a crime. If someone hurts you when they don’t get their way they will continue to hurt you to get their way. Violence nearly always escalates without intervention. There is nothing you can do to prevent it and it is not your fault. Visit for more information.

7. You have previously broken up. You may have heard the phrase “Getting back together with an ‘Ex’ is like taking a shower and putting your dirty clothes back on.” It will meet the definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing over and over again and yet expecting somehow you are going to get a different result. If neither of you have learned any new skills or had life changes getting back together to with an ex-partner will nearly always be the same as it was before you broke up.

If you feel your relationship or marriage may be salvageable it may be worth your time to go through “Magical Marriage in 21 Days” at Sometimes the relationship isn’t working simply because you need to learn new skills which is fixable!