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How long are domestic violence classes?

how long are domestic violence classes

Wondering how long are domestic violence classes? Find out the answers to this and a lot more. Determine whether you can take the classes online or need to go in person. Discover how long each class is. Reach out to who instructed you to take classes if you are unsure.

Research your requirements

Each situation is different. Therefore, check with whoever is over your situation to be sure. Reach out to your attorney, probation officer, or case manager to verify your specific requirements. Our program offers up to 52 classes. However, you will only complete the number of classes required in your situation. Most situations require 26 or 52 classes. Each class is usually 1.5 to 2 hours long. You will usually need to complete one class per week. However, each case and situation is different.

Check in with who is over your situation. You may be able to complete the classes online. However, in some situations, you might be required to go in person. You may have choices on how to complete the classes. Many situations allow participants to complete domestic violence classes online. However, some situations require you to go in person and do the classes in a group setting. Call whoever is over your situation to verify your specific requirements..

If you are able to complete your domestic violence class online there can be some advantages. Completing the classes online does not require you to take time off of work. The classes may be completed anytime day or night 7 days a week. In addtion, you do not need to allow travel time out of your day to get to and from class. This can also save you gas money and parking fees.

Get enrolled in domestic violence class

Second, you will need to complete the enrollment forms. This varies by agency. One of the main things you will need to complete this step is your reference or case number. It is also helpful to know how many classes you are required to complete. In most situations they require 26 or 52 classes but each situation is different. You will just complete the number of required classes in your specific situation. Enroll Now.

Complete the first class

Lastly, complete your first class. There is usually a limited time allowed to complete your first class. In many situations you need to immediately get started. There are often a maximum number of allowed absences. Each time a week passes and you do not complete a domestic violence class, that would count as an absence.

What are the domestic violence classes cost?

How much do domestic violence classes cost? The cost of domestic violence classes can be different based on several factors. If you complete the classes online the first 4 classes are free. The remaining classes, starting with class 5, are $21.00 per class. If you go to in-person classes, the cost varies from agency to agency. Also, many participants ask if there is financial assistance to help pay the class fees. The class fees are considered part of taking “accountability”.
See this article for more information about the cost of domestic violence classes online.

Need to complete “state-approved” or “certified” classes? You will most likely need to complete your classes in person.

Finally, when you complete your classes you will receive a certificate of completion. As time goes on more states are accepting online classes but some do not. In addition, check out this article for more information on domestic violence.

Do you have more questions? Visit our FAQ page.

Complete domestic violence classes online

Lastly, discover how to enroll in domestic violence classes today.

Hopefully this article has helped you understand how long are domestic violence classes. Get enrolled today!

Lastly, for more information, please visit our FAQ page.