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How much are domestic violence classes online?

Cost of domestic violence classes online

Domestic Violence Classes Online Pay Nothing Until Week 5. First 4 Classes Free. Complete your classes from the comfort of home.

how much are domestic violence classes
Online Domestic Violence Classes
  • PAY NOTHING until week 5
  • First 4 Class Free
  • Free Same Day Enrollment
  • 100% Online Access Running 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
  • Free Certificate of Completion
  • Pay-As-You-Go Service–Classes are only $21.00 each starting on Week 5

Wondering how much are domestic violence classes online? Discover the answers to this and a lot more. Many people who get a domestic violence charge just got out of jail. They may have lost their job. It could be awhile before they get another paycheck. However, for most situations, you need to be enrolled within two weeks after you are told to take classes.

Therefore, our program offers the first 4 classes free. The enrollment is free as well. Thus, no payment is due until week 5.

Classes are far from boring! Not everything taught in domestic violence classes will apply to your specific situation. However, our classes were purposely created to be practical and apply to real life. Therefore, unlike many online classes, you won’t just be reading pages and pages of material. However, classes are educational in nature. In addition, classes are taught in a practical method. You can read Reviews from other Participants who have take our classes. Hear how our classes helped them learn about domestic violence and improve their life. Lastly, because the classes are online, you will also save on gas money. In addition, you won’t have to take valuable time off work to attend classes. 

Domestic Violence Classes from Home

You can Save your gas money. Classes are completed 100% online. Complete your class anytime day or night.

Today, more situations will accept online dv classes. However, in some areas the class will have to be completed in person at a local agency. Therefore, we cannot guarantee online classes will be accepted. However, we do have a 60-day money back guarantee if you find out you must go in person. Just ask whoever advised you to take classes. In addition, no fees are due until week 5. Lastly, the classes are educational in nature, they are not therapy nor counseling.

Domestic Violence Classes Online Nationwide

Our domestic violence Classes are nationwide therefore they are not ‘state-approved’ in any specific state. The list below is just a sample for illustrative purposes and not a full list of all cities. Be sure to check what the requirements are in your specific situation. Not sure if these classes are right for you? Read Reviews  from other people who have take our classes.

Orlando Florida dv classes

Boca Raton Florida dv classes

Phoenix Arizona dv classes

Lewisville Texas dv classes

Queen Creek Arizona dv classes

Alexandria Virginia dv classes

Franfort Indiana dv classes

Akron Ohio dv classes

Savannah Georgia dv classes

Apopka Florida dv classes

Cape Canaveral Florida dv classes

Sun Praire Wisconsin dv classes

Domestic Violence Classes Sanford Florida

Atlanta Georgia dv classes

New Port Richey Florida dv classes

Baltimore Maryland dv classes

Alexandria Virginia dv classes

Huntington West Virginia dv classes

Mesa Arizona dv classes

Hockley Texas dv classes

Maricopa Arizona domestic violence classes


Overall, the classes are user friendly and very practical in nature. Each class will cover a different topic. The first 4 classes are free. Starting with class 5, each class is $21. Classes are not just long boring lectures! Every class was created to help teach you how to stop the behavior that brought you to the class. Thus, you can apply the tools to your life to ensure positive, healthy coping skills are used in the future.

In addition, please remember to verify the requirements in your specific situation. Each situation has specific requirements. Some cases will not allow online DV classes. We offer from 16 up to 52 Domestic Violence Classes.* You will just complete the number of classes required in your situation. The First 4 classes are free with our minimum program of 16 classes or more. Hopefully this has helped you answer the question, how much are domestic violence classes online.


Lastly, do you want to learn more about domestic violence?

*First 4 classes free with minimum 16 classes.

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