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How to Build Trust in a Relationship

5 Ways to build trust in a relationships

It is critical to build trust in a relationship if you want it last long-term. There are 5 things you must know if you want to establish trust in your relationship.
1. It is much easier and faster to break someone’s trust that to gain your partner’s trust. Unfortunately, for most couples creating trust is a long, slow moving process that cannot be rushed.

2. Consistency is king in establishing trust. If you are faithful for 3 years and then cheat one night at the bar, the 3 years of faithfulness immediately becomes over-shadowed by that choice.

3. The way you handle conflict can make or break your relationship. If you begin to disagree, show self-control and call “time-out” quickly and remove yourself from the situation. Never, under any circumstance, throw things or use physical intimidation or violence. Doing so is a crime and can result in jail time as well as a year of court ordered domestic violence classes. See for more informations on domestic violence.

4. Have realistic expectations. People are fallible creatures and we all make mistakes. If you make a mistake own up to your choices and do not try to keep secrets. You would want your partner to be real with you. Building trust in the long run meanings being vulnerable with each other and forgiving each other when we make mistakes. However, continuing to make purposely hurtful choices is a whole different topic and that is where having the courage to draw healthy boundaries becomes critical.

5. Understand that you are not the first person your partner has met on Earth . They are human so most likely they have encountered a lot of broken promises, half-truths, and flat out lies from people they trusted in the past. Some people have experienced a great deal of this and are very guarded. It can years of consistent trust-worthy behavior to lower their guard and fully trust you. Be patient with the process and re-assure them often. One of the most helpful things you can do as a couple if you are ready to move the relationship forward is to take a pre-marital class. See

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