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If I Get a Domestic Violence Charge?

if I get a domestic violence charge

Are you wondering “what happens if I get a domestic violence charge?” If you have, it can be very overwhelming, confusing, and scary. If this is your first time being involved with the criminal justice system it can be like learning a foreign language. You will need to hire an attorney or file paperwork to request a public defender.
If you are convicted or take a plea you will most likely be court ordered to pay fines, pay district attorney fees, pay restitution, and complete domestic violence classes, family violence classes or batterer’s intervention classes.

You will likely have an initial arraignment to plea guilty or not guilty. Next, decide whether you will take it to trial. Your attorney or public defender will discuss your options with you. You may be ordered to pay fines, do jail time, and/or take domestic violence classes.

How do I sign up for Domestic Violence Classes if I get a charge?

You may be wondering how do I sign up for domestic violence classes?
First you will need to find out if you must attend the classes in person in a group setting. You may be to complete the clases online. There are usually several locations around town if you must attend in person. Fees are lower if you are able to complete the classes online. Some programs even offer the first 4 classes free. Visit www.onlinedomesticviolenceclasses.com for more information.

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