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Get started today from states throughout the United States. Get same-day enrollment in domestic violence classes online. Receive the first 4 classes free with our minimum program. Complete the number of required classes in your specific situation. We offer up to 52 classes, but you will complete the number required in your situation. 

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Enroll today in online classes from the state you are in. Online classes can be completed Nationwide from the comfort of home. This saves on gas as well as time off of work. Some situations require the class to be completed in person at a local agency. Check with whoever is over your case or situation such as your probation officer, attorney, or parole officer. These classes are Nationwide and thus are not certified in any specific state. Each class starting with class 5 is $21 per class. Typically, one class is completed per week. The class can be completed anytime day or night as long as we receive it by Sunday night each week. Receive a free Certificate of Completion once you complete all of your required classes. Your Certificate will be emailed to you so that it can be printed off the same day. click on the Enroll Now button to get started.



Lastly, want to read some reviews from past Participants who have completed DV Classes? Go here to the Read Reviews and hear about online classes from others. Finally, learn more about DV classes and your specific requirements before getting enrolled. Reach out to your probation officer, attorney, or parole officer to verify the requirements in your situation.

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In addition, contact us if you still have questions or need assistance.

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