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What is the Penalty for a Domestic Violence Charge?

Will I have to take domestic violence classes if I get a domestic violence charge?

If you have recently been charged with domestic violence or have gotten a domestic violence conviction your punishment associated with the conviction will depend on many factors:

To determine the penalty for domestic violence several things will most likely be considered:

1. your prior history of battery/sexual battery

2. if the charge is a repeat offense

3. the level of bodily injury to the victim

What will be the consequences if I am convicted of domestic violence? The consequences for committing and being convicted of domestic violence vary based on the state you live in and the details of your case and whether your case is a misdemeanor or felony.

In most states, you will most likely:

1. be placed on probation for one or more years

2. be ordered to complete up to 52 weeks of domestic violence class (click Enroll Now for more information and 4 free classes)

3. lifetime ban on owning a firearm/ammunition

4. fines ( If the client has a prior conviction for domestic violence in the last seven years the fine can be as high as $10,000

5. restitution to be paid to cover the victims counseling and/or injuries