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Will I Go to Jail If I Don’t Complete Domestic Violence Classes?

Will I automatically get jail time if I don’t complete my domestic violence class?

if I don't complete my domestic violence class

Will I go jail if I don’t complete my court ordered domestic violence classes?
If you have gotten a criminal charge for domestic assault or family violence, the consequences can vary. It is likely a condition of your probation for you to complete domestic violence or family violence classes. Many states have a short window of time to enroll.

You will usally have a small number of days to get enrolled. It is usually between 7 and 30 days.
There are usually a limit to the maximum number of allowed absences. Look on your paperwork to find the requirements for your situation.

As an example, for a 52 week program Defendants typically cannot have 3 consecutive absences or a total of 7 absences while you are attending the program. Other states only allow you to have 3 absences total. Check your court paperwork and call around your local area if you are unsure.


You may be worrying if you think, “Will I go to jail if I don’t complete domestic violence classes?”
Many people ask what should they do if they miss too many classes. If you do get too many absences the worst thing you can do is hide or ignore the issue. Accountability is a primary component of any domestic violence program.

Call probation or your attorney if you get too many absences. Most states will then require automatic jail time. Therefore the best thing you can do is call your attorney or public defender or probation officer. In addition, they can tell you the best course of action to correct the issue and re-start your classes.
Many states will now allow you to complete the domestic violence classes online. Therefore, if you chose to attend online, you will still need to follow the guidelines set in your state and your specific case. Finally, for more answers check out www.onlinedomesticviolenceclasses.com to more frequently asked questions. Enroll now!